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Chocolate bar mini-production kit


A compact chocolate factory on your table!

A set of professional equipment for the production of chocolate bars, medals and bas-reliefs, which you can install anywhere, even at home.



A compact chocolate factory on your table

A set of professional equipment for the production of chocolate bars, medals and bas-reliefs, which you can even install at home.
4 equipments in a kit : 
Chocolate tempering bowl 20 kg + Wheeled mixer for chocolate + Incubator for cocoa butter crystals + Vibrating table for chocolate candies

1. Melting the chocolate

Ready-made chocolate is sold in different forms: culet, “buttons”, discs or mini bricks. Before working with it, it must be melted (or dissolved). The Mini Tempering bowl will melt the chocolate by itself and keep it liquid at a constant temperature you set for as long as you need it. This will allow you to have access to the liquid chocolate at any time.

2. Precrystallization

The main ingredient in any chocolate is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter molecules can be structured in 6 different types of crystals, but in order for the chocolate not to melt in the hands, to be solid, homogeneous and beautiful, we need the crystal lattice of the butter to consist mainly of only one type of crystals – the most stable, which melting temperature is 34 ° C and above. To do this, the chocolate must be pre-crystallized before work – it means prepared. There are different ways: tempering, seeding, dissolving. But the fastest and, most importantly, the cleanest method is the addition of a concentrate of stable cocoa butter crystals (also called “silk”), for the preparation of which a special incubator is needed. It works like this: you simply place a piece of solid butter into this incubator and after 12 hours it turns into a paste containing only stable crystals. All you need is to add silk in the amount of 0.2% of the total mass to the liquid chocolate and mix it. And that’s it – the chocolate is ready to go.

3. Production of bars and chopped chocolate

Adjust the spout of the wheel mixer so that the flow of chocolate off the wheel is comfortable to work with. Place the vibrating table next to the tempering bowl and start pouring the chocolate into the molds, moving the filled molds onto the vibrating tabler to expel any air bubbles and then onto the table. In this way approximately 200 bars per hour can be cast – an excellent result for micro-production.

For the production of chopped chocolate, we recommend using stuffing frames to form the chocolate slabs, which are then split into pieces. We recommend storing chocolate after crystallization at a temperature of 18-20 ° C on trays inserted into a tray stack trolley. The tray stack trolley is open, which allows air to circulate freely and gives you quick access to the product.


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